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Whilst we can optimise a great many things, we don't have any influence over the weather. What we can do, however, is make sure that you and your product aren’t left out in the rain. If we deliver from Halle an der Saale to Zurich, for example, there’s a 54 per cent chance of rain – but we’re prepared for it.

Halle an der Saale 266 Regentage pro Jahr - Zürich 129 Regentage pro Jahr

Your product is valuable. So let’s keep it that way.

Our customers entrust us with products boasting materials and finishes of the highest quality. From this point on, it’s our responsibility to do everything technically possible to make sure your products reach their destination in the same flawless condition.

Dry Shipment
Dry Shipment
Dry Shipment
Dry Shipment
Dry Shipment
Dry Shipment
Dry Shipment
Dry Shipment
Dry Shipment

We give your products a roof over their head

Your goods can only be kept dry during transport and trans-shipment in all weathers if a whole series of measures work together in harmony. With facilities constructed in line with these requirements, a cutting-edge and meticulously maintained vehicle fleet, painstaking processes and experienced employees, we are able to keep moisture and damp where they belong throughout the logistics chain – outside.

78.000 m² ebenerdige und überdachte Fläche

We offer warehouse facilities and trans-shipment halls with vehicle access measuring a total of 78,000 m2 – that’s about the size of eleven professional football pitches. Some 20,000 m2 of this space features heating and additional dehumidifying technology.


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