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Specialisation sets an example: long goods as mixed consignments

Our routine handling starts where other hauliers often have to apologetically reject a request. Transport and logistics for long goods with a production length of between 3 and 13 metres is our core area of expertise. Our staff move premium semi-manufactured goods such as piping, rods and profiles made from steel and non-ferrous metals just as reliably as solid flooring or construction parts for concrete and facade constructions.

Der Transport und die Logistik von Langgut in Herstellungslängen von 3 bis zu 13 Metern ist unsere Kernkompetenz

Classic mixed consignments are part of our day-to-day business. However, we are at our best when we can demonstrate our special areas of expertise. With the transport of long goods, we leave the comfort zone and enter our specialist area.


Perfect handling, hand in hand


Standardised logistics warehouses

The transport and trans-shipment of long goods is one of our company’s special services. Our facilities are a central part of this. The uniform construction of the drive-in warehouses with crane facilities, as well as a standardised computer network, are the decisive requirements for ensuring that quality standards are adhered to within the process chain.

Trained personnel

Special tasks require special staff. Well-trained professionals are responsible for your products at Winner. Constant training initiatives in all company areas ensure that our employees aren’t just good, but are always getting better.


A fleet to suit your goods

Ein Fuhrpark, abgestimmt auf Ihre Güter

150 vehicles, the majority of which are fitted with Euro 6 engines, 600 swap bodies and 400 coil semi-trailers with sliding roofs are the key figures for our fleet. They can be loaded both from the side and from above, and the majority are suitable for multimodal transport. In combination with the technical equipment at our branch offices, they create the basis for the professional transportation of long goods of all kinds. Alongside expert loading and unloading, our constant high standards for securing cargo ensure that your consignments arrive safely and reliably.


swap bodies

coil semi-trailers


Cargo tracking for long goods not an option? Yes, it is!


What may be just a matter of course for parcel logistics poses a particular challenge for long goods. We have grappled intensively with numerous questions of detail. The result is end-to-end cargo tracking within our own network with SSCC barcode scanning on receipt of goods and on dispatch, based on a customer-specific EDP link via data transmission.


Winner Dry


Sensitive goods need to be protected from damp and moisture during transport, trans-shipment and storage in order to avoid corrosion damage. That’s why all of our in-house processes are weatherproof. Our drive-in warehouse buildings are the foundation for this; with floor space measuring 78,000 m² at the German offices, dry trans-shipment is guaranteed even in the most adverse weather conditions. Find out more on our Winner Dry page.


Competitive: our standard transit times

Long goods are transported and delivered with the same reliability and punctuality as classic mixed consignments. A complex system of daily regular routes and synchronised cross-docking within our own network in Germany and with our subsidiaries in Europe results in fixed standard transit times.

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