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We take responsibility

We are sure that it is only possible to deliver high quality in our industry when all the services come from a single source. Well-qualified staff ensure that your product is always in the best-possible hands. Whether it’s Horst’s hands or Stefan’s. Giovanni’s or Claudia’s


Your products stay in the family


We’ve been continually investing in our company for years now. With identically equipped, perfectly networked branch offices, our own fleet and our own staff, we have full control over the entire process chain – from the start until the consignment reaches your customer.

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Always one step ahead when it comes to safety


Legal requirements and norms form the basis for load securing. But we go above and beyond these requirements with new ideas. The special coil units developed and built according to our specifications are a great example of this: they are used in combined transport with up to 30 tonnes effective load and combine maximum safety with the highest efficiency. In terms of load security, our fleet is equipped with stabilising side brackets, vertical support rings on the exterior frame, coil supports in the coil well, multi-lock exterior frames and heavy-duty load rings on the loading bed.


Dedicated experts: Our staff

Our employees have in-depth expertise in their field. So that this always remains the case, they take part in regular training sessions. Whether they work in the warehouse, as drivers or logistics specialists, everyone is able to take responsibility and work conscientiously within our company philosophy.


Always up to date: our fleet


The majority of our HGVs are certified to the Euro 6 emissions standard. All of our 1,000 or so vehicles are in a technically flawless condition and our own expert repair workshop ensures that this remains the case: in a two-shift system, 15 members of staff take care of all the major servicing and repairs – from emissions testing and the testing and parametrisation of the EBS brakes to speedometer tests.


We don’t just know where we’re going. We know where we are.

For parcel services, cargo tracking comes as standard. For the various types and lengths of goods we receive to transport – many of which are not packaged – this can be a bit of a challenge. We have come up with a system that is tailored to our needs thanks to lots of individual solutions. The result is seamless cargo tracking in our own network using SSCC barcode scanning on receipt of goods and on dispatch, customer-specific IT connections via RDT and GPS-enabled HGV location services of all our units.


We are investing in security


Because we take responsibility for high-quality goods, the topic of goods security is of major importance to us. Particularly with regard to higher levels of criminality due to theft, industrial espionage and vandalism, infra-red CCTV is just one of many fixed elements involved in maintaining high quality standards at all of our properties.

Thanks to our status as an authorised economic operator (AEO), we benefit from an extremely streamlined process when it comes to security-relevant customs checks. The AEO certificate can be downloaded from our downloads area.


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