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Intermodal from Germany to Italy and back

Winner trains are an asset to combined goods transport: our company trains cross the Alps via Brenner and Gotthard 20 times each week, connecting the economic centres of Germany with those in Italy, enabling us to take 100 lorries off the roads each day. With train transit times of under 24 hours from terminal to terminal between Wuppertal and Verona and back, and Wuppertal and Piacenza and back, your transport isn’t just faster – thanks to fixed departure times and a rail route that’s not affected by road traffic or adverse weather conditions, it’s easier to plan too.

Road relief in kilometres per week:

34 units
x 10 each week
x there and back (x 2)
x kilometres (974 km per journey)

662.320 km

Wuppertal – Verona:
32 units
x 10 each week
x there and back (x 2)
x kilometres (1.001 km per journey)

640.640 km


We don’t just reduce costs, we’re also reducing our CO₂ emissions

The combination of road and rail brings about economic and environmental advantages. Economic efficiency goes hand in hand with a CO₂ saving of 57 grams per tonne and kilometre. On the Wuppertal to Verona route, this means we save around 22 tonnes of CO2 – that’s a reduction of 69.9%.

Wir reduzieren nicht nur Kosten, sondern auch CO₂

You produce. We transport.

We adapt to your transport volumes – that might be a single pallet or a consignment without temporary storage as part of campaign or project-based production. The basis of our performance is a high rate of departures, the enormous transport capacity of our trains and perfectly organised pre- and post-haulage.


Combined transport also maximises capacities on the roads. The permissible tonnage increases to 28 to 30 tonnes, while the permissible total weight increases to 44 tonnes. This results in exceptionally high transport efficiency for the combination of road and rail transport.

Get in touch! We would be happy to advise you about how you could benefit from our combined transport services.

Loading example

34 units
x 28 tonnes

952t of transported goods per train and per journey


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