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Transport in Germany


We know our way around our country. Within Germany, we have our own, high-performance network with 16 branches in the major industrial centres. Regular daily routes and standardised warehouse technology ensure that you can rely on us.

  • Nationwide distribution through our own network
  • Daily regular routes in all regions
  • Connection of the network with synchronised cross-docking
  • General cargo, partial and complete consignments with a fixed standard transit time
  • Predominantly door-to-door delivery
  • Fast and secure transfer of all delivery data with state-of-the-art IT


International transport


Our fleet of lorries operates daily in 17 different countries. Your products reliably reach their destination within a fixed standard transit time. With our comprehensive range of services, we can also ensure straightforward processes for your international transports. Just relax and we’ll do the rest – from consultation on letters of credit to customs clearance and expert air and sea transport.

  • Daily departures to 17 European countries  
  • Subsidiaries in Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic
  • Highly efficient thanks to combined transport with a focus on Italy
  • Shipping via all major ports, FCL/LCL imports and exports
  • Air freight handling
  • Customs clearance with the ATLAS system
  • Equally specialised partners abroad for a completely seamless procedure

International subsidiaries


Italy is our second home. We opened our first foreign subsidiary in Verona in 2000, thereby optimising the connection between two economic regions. As well as a road fleet, our Winner Trains depart daily from Wuppertal via Gotthard to Piacenza and via the Brenner Pass to Verona and back. From there, goods are distributed nationwide to northern, central and southern Italy.


With the founding of our subsidiaries in Poland (2006) and the Czech Republic (2008), we have paved the way for the strategic orientation of our company in Europe.


Long goods


Our fleet, our branches and our employees are perfectly prepared for the logistics of goods between 3 and 13 metres in length. Looking for specialists in long goods?  Click here!

  • Transport of long goods of all kinds between 3 and 13 metres in length
  • General cargo consignments
  • Partial and complete consignments
  • Storage and logistics

Combined transport


Road and rail is a great combination. That’s why we’ve been using intermodal transport for over 40 years, both within Germany and with our own Winner Trains to Italy. This is not only a fast, punctual service – it’s also very environmentally friendly thanks to saving on CO2 emissions.

  • Utilisation of various terminals in the combined transport network
  • Our own Winner Trains transport goods across the Alps with more than 100 lorryloads each day
  • Rapid transit time of under 24 hours from terminal to terminal (DE–IT)
  • High transport security on the rails
  • Bypass night-time driving bans
  • Minimised freight costs thanks to higher total weight permitted (44 tonnes)
  • Effective load of up to 30 tonnes for special coil units and 28 tonnes for all other units
  • Takes pressure off the roads
  • Helps protect the environment by saving on CO₂
  • Over 40 years of experience
Kombinierter Verkehr

Forwarding warehouses


Each of our branches is equipped so that our staff can carry out trans-shipments in the best-possible conditions, whatever the weather. That’s why our uniformly designed drive-in warehouses guarantee our Winner Dry principle at all locations.

  • 78,000 m2 of ground-level drive-in warehouse space, of which 20,000 m2 is heated and partly dehumidified
  • Dry trans-shipment in all weathers
  • Crane facilities with bearing loads of between 3 and 32 tonnes
  • Handling that is gentle on materials thanks to special cross beams
  • IT-assisted scanner systems to identify and track cargo

Warehouse logistics


Want to concentrate on your core duties? Thanks to our experience, we are in a position to take care of all logistics processes for you. You decide the scope of the services and interfaces and we take care of the rest.

  • Storage of all kinds of goods, specialising in industrial goods and long goods
  • Trans-shipment of packages in all weight categories
  • Management of all logistics processes including shipping control
  • Full service: commissioning, packaging, quality control and transport
  • Supply and distribution logistics
  • Warehouse logistics
  • Crane and forklift truck facilities
  • Heated and dehumidified areas for sensitive goods
  • Computer-controlled warehouse management and continuous stock control
  • Scanner systems at entrance and exit

Load securing


In our sustainably managed family-run company, safety is our top priority. This naturally includes a continuously evolving load securing concept which enables us to carry out your transports in a risk-free way.

  • Load secured in accordance with EN 12642 Code L/XL
  • Stabilising side brackets
  • Vertical supports in exterior frame
  • Multi-lock exterior frames
  • Heavy-duty load rings on the vehicle bed
  • All semi-trailers feature integrated coil wells with coil supports
  • Coil units up to 30 tonnes effective load for combined transport

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